Balancing a schedule is beyond hectic in law school. I imagine it’s similar to actually practicing law. There are deadlines, meetings, prep sessions, after-hours events – the list continues…

What I find particularly challenging is working out and eating well between reading and briefing cases. Since I’ve been sorely lacking in the “workout plan” department, I felt I should pick up the slack on the healthy eating. Because, I can get pretty comfy with Mountain Dews and a granola bar. That’s sorta healthy – right?

Honestly, I will zone out pretty much anything and everyone while I’m reading and prepping for class. If my stomach growls, I usually have a protein bar on hand. That’s the extent of fancy. For this simple reason – I meal prep. Funnily enough, I don’t meal prep the same thing five days in a row. I love leftovers, but not three meals in a row.

So I plan meals for the week and make a few on Sunday. If I forget to prep, my wallet takes a huge hit. Since classes are downtown, I can get virtually anything delivered via Favor, UberEats, or DoorDash; a marvelously quick way to eat through my coffee budget. :[

In an effort to help me balance my life a bit better, I decided to try Hello Fresh
Plus, this week we’re getting back into the GYM! #summergoals

I surprised the Beau [mostly because he paid for it and had no clue until the box arrived]. He seemed pretty excited to open the box, though. HelloFresh sends all the ingredients (aside from Salt, Pepper, and Oil) in one refrigerated package. It sits patiently on your doorstep until you get home to tear it open and exploit its yummy goodness. Um, you know – cook the things. 

I was happy with the packaging. Each meal fits perfectly into rectangular boxes, but the meat is packed separately (for obvious health reasons). The box includes a recipe book, which is usually about 6 steps or less and includes pictures! Super neat.

We started with the Broccoli Beef recipe. What made me chuckle is that I already had nearly all of the ingredients in my pantry for this dish. It’s clearly a family fave! I was happy with the overall turnout, but I think the flavor could have packed a bigger punch – possibly improving the beef seasoning.



Following the recipe was simple and satisfying. If you are new to the kitchen, or maybe not so comfy with your current chefiness, then HelloFresh is perfect for you! If you’re already adept, then I’d say you should try a box anyhow! I enjoyed the speedy delivery (waited only 3 days for my first box) and the convenience of groceries delivered straight to my home. Sure, Tom Thumb and Sprouts (partnered with Amazon) are providing home delivery options – but the terrible experience with Sprouts has me worried about any other grocery delivery methods.

We will likely only use HelloFresh on a monthly basis, or during weeks when I know my schedule will be off the charts. The Beau can even follow instructions and cook our dinner for a change of pace! Wouldn’t that be scrumptious?


How do you prep for your busy days?
Let me know!

I hope you have a wondermous week. Be awesome.