Last month, the ABA sponsored a Mental Health Day.
At UNT Dallas College of Law, the faculty and staff made a HUGE effort to focus on the importance of total-body wellness; Camp Gladiator visited and signed us up for CAMP! 

I was super honest up front and told the trainer that unless the Beau could come, there was just no way this derriere would find its way to an outdoor gym. 


Thinking the trainer would just give up and move on to the next law student dreaming of getting a work out in, she sucker punched me with –
Oh, your sweetie can tag along. We’ll give him 4 free weeks of CAMP too!”

Well, damn.
Now there’s motivation to go. Because, it’s free. And…did I mention we’re going to a beach wedding in JUNE?! Yeah – my current shape is ROUND. 
All I have are excuses: clerkship, internship, class, extra-curricular meetings, walking the dogs, feeding myself, remembering to shower…

There’s no set reason for not being in better shape except that I start and don’t ever finish. I get through a week of working out, feel completely sore and just overall pissed off about eating carrots instead of chips, and decide to give myself a break

The boys don’t help, either; when I make a super healthy meal, this is pretty much their reaction: 


I basically have to trick them into thinking they are eating an unhealthy dish. That’s virtually impossible without adding butter or — you know — flavor! Which means I can put together a great meal, but then they’ll inevitably want fried flautas or chicken wings for dinner the following day. It’s a vicious cycle. A deliciously vicious cycle.

 Now that I have an actual goal, and will be in wedding photos, I’ve got NO CHOICE but to work out. A big ol’ THANKS to CG for making my soreness a reality. I’m thanking you now, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be cursing your name tomorrow.

We’re signed up for a 5:30AM class. UGH!!?!?!
Which means I’m prepping our breakfast, lunch, and snacks for tomorrow because I’ve been promised by other CG campers that my arms will likely be limp noodles.

But hey – I’ll be able to see my abs again soon — that’ll be nice. 😛


Here’s to getting back to being fit!