Let Me PUMP You UP!



Finals week arrived. It was inevitable.
I’m not quite sure where the time went. Can you believe it’s been a year? This 1L is nearly finished. And, well, I don’t know about you – but I am exhausted.

I completely understand how tired you are. Tired of reading, writing, and thinking. I get it. Your classmates get it.

Trust me.
Everyone feels like a squished lemon, completely out of juice.

So let me tell you a secret.
You have a bit left in the reserve tank, kid.

Need some motivation? Here’s a little Pep Talk:


Advice to keep you on the right track:

  1. Set up your study schedule. Let your friends and family in on it – so they DON’T bother you during those time frames.
  2. Order in, or meal prep. You don’t want the hassle of cooking and cleaning, and getting distracted by Pinterest recipes.
  3. Settle into a good study spot. Find your little corner of the world with great lighting, perfect ambiance, and enough desk space for several snacks, books, and your laptop.
  4. HYDRATE! Make sure to have some water or some darn good sweet tea (you know, Texas’ drink of choice).

You’ve got finals in the bag.
Keep Studying, loves.

You’re almost through your 1L year!

Good luck on exams!



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