The week before Finals is stressful. Deadlines. Meetings. Coffee Runs. Mentor Lunches. Dinner with your neglected significant other.

But now, everything feels like you’re moving in slow motion; no class means you have time to binge-watch every episode of all your favorite shows, which you’ve dutifully ignored and tended to your reading all semester. Right?

Now, here you are, the night before your exam. I really hope you studied. In fact, I am damn well willing to bet, you studied. You completed your readings. You finished your assignments. You discussed class topics with classmates, or even your (gasp) non-law school friends and family.

Without realizing it, you’ve done nothing but think of law school concepts for the past several months. Everywhere you look: torts. That case in law&order? Absolutely, in no way, followed proper federal question jurisdiction procedures. [I, personally, have taken to reciting, out-loud, criminal law elements whenever they come to mind.]



We are all striving for perfection. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se.

But, what doesn’t kill you may just leave you with a giant ulcer.
Now, as much as I love the rush of deadlines and pressure to get something done, I simply don’t enjoy the madness before an exam.

Which is why I am sharing this little piece of brilliance with you.
You’ve studied ENOUGH. Cramming one more piece of information on res ipsa loquitur will not help you.

Sleep, however, will help you!

Rest that gorgeous brain. Pack your backpack, download your exam, and then put your laptop in your bag. Be ready to go in the morning. Get in bed by 10pm. [I know you’re going to surf the interwebs on your phone, or read one last reddit thread…]

My advice is simple: Stop studying.

Your exam is less than a day away. There’s no damn point in wrecking yourself before getting to the gut-wrenching part tomorrow.
Rest up. Be prepared. You’re fierce. You’ve got this.