This post is several weeks late. I wanted to update y’all, really – but I had this crazy notion that 2L year was going to be smooth sailing. Don’t ask me where the delusion came from, because I have no answers for you. Here’s what you need to know – law school is still incredible, and I love learning new concepts; but then, sometimes, law school will kick you in the gut. That fierce blow will hit you when you’re not ready for it, and you just have to suck it up and keep going. This semester’s workload is 16 course hours of craziness, but I honestly can’t complain about much. The best advice I can give regarding schedules is simple: Seek Balance & Move Forward.

My way of moving forward (after realizing the insane workload I put on myself this semester) resulted in making an off-hand comment about how I wanted to fly to Vegas, play craps, and eat some damn good food. My wonderful friends decided that was a top-notch idea.

9 airline tickets later – boom. Vegas, baby!

Now, traveling as a law student is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Since the Beau and I traveled with friends, we received discounts on the rooms (block purchase rate), and split the costs of a limo (which was cheaper than taking 3 separate Uber rides or cabs). Additionally, we occasionally split the bill for food, and kept each other in check when it came to table gambling.

I think it is extremely important to work hard and reward those efforts. After participating in Moot Court, organizing various school events, and taking on a new personal chef role (gotta pay the bills, peeps) – I needed this time to wind down. Unfortunately, there really is no great time to travel during law school. This trip happened three days before midterms – which happened to work out in the most wonderful way. I gambled, then went back to my room and studied: Con Law, Professional Responsibility, Wills, and Property. I took my outlines with me and reviewed on the flight there, and back again. I made sure to study at least two hours, for every 4 hours spent flitting about the city.

These wonderful people kept me on track most of the trip. Melissa managed to wrangle me into the spa for several hours (the nerve, right?! :P) – but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We walked about 5 miles each day, and indulged in some delicious treats.

The breakfast plates at Hash Hash A Go Go were gigantic, and so yummy!


Although we did sneak a meal in at Giada’s, I simply was not pleased with their food during this trip. My plate was pretty terrible: soggy waffle, basic plating, and the Crab-cake Benedict was less-than-appetizing. Thankfully, everyone else’s dishes were tasty. Their gluten-free muffins were my favorite addition to their menu.


If you have the opportunity to travel, even if for a short period of time – I highly recommend doing so. Take the trip. Eat the cake. Or, in our case – drink the chocolate cake shot. I find that the best things happen when I step just outside of my comfort zone.

Enter: The Chocolate Cake Shot!


This teensy drink packed a helluvalot of flavor. Never had I tasted such a yummy drink. While in Vegas, I threw back several of these. The bartender at Guy Fieri’s in the Linq knew exactly who we were every time we walked in. #GreatGuy

After many drinks, impromptu dancing, and an amazing massage – we flew back to Dallas, in time for midterms. I approached the week with a rejuvenated feeling and overall sense of calm. I needed this trip, more than I thought. It may seem like a ridiculous stunt to pull before exams, but I enjoyed myself immensely. No regrets.

What are you doing to handle your stress?