Friendships are incredibly important to your life balance and ultimate happiness. This notion is even more crucial in school and, in my honest opinion, more-so in graduate school – where you’re testing the very limits of your own capacity to achieve and persevere. [Translation: Law school is hard, yo.]


Law school is an institution that can cultivate deep, long-lasting relationships; law school will break you down. Everyone gets brain fatigue. Everyone needs to vent. Everyone struggles.

And that is perfectly alright.
The struggle is what makes the reward sweeter. Those gold Bar cards are the light at the end of the tunnel. But, I’ll be blunt – you simply cannot get there on your own.

Best friends are hard to find. When you do find them, hold on tight.

As an example – 2 of my dear friends, both who I met in law school, will be my bridesmaids. They are just as important as the amazing friends I met in high school, at Baylor, or while teaching. The people you mesh with are simply good for your soul. Once you find someone that speaks directly to who you are, I believe it is your solemn responsibility to keep them and be their friend. Build each other up!

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It may seem cheesy, but I do my best to breathe positivity into damn near everyone, in every situation. That said, sometimes my friends [and yours] need a boost in confidence, an extra hug, a few kinds words – do whatever you can to make them feel amazing and brilliant.


Friends are worth the effort, y’all. You will need each other to lean on, especially during those crazy late-nights, while stuck frantically reading through your Wills, or Family Law, or Property Outlines because you have an exam the next morning and are ::completely:: freaking out! You’re going to want to call someone who (is also awake at 3am) needs to take a break and discuss the finer points of Bridezillas or Housewives of L.A. – trust me, you need those peeps. I damn sure know I need mine. They’re amazing men and women who lift me up when I need it, and knock me down a few pegs when I need that too.



Cherish every moment you spend with these wonderful people. Hug them, hard. Love them forever. They will get you through your crap-tastic days, and be there for you during finals season, when you’ve studied so long you can’t remember how to get home. [Seriously, those moments have happened]

I guess what I’m trying to say is – don’t forget about your friends! Law school is rough, but its even harder to walk those struggles without helping hands. My besties are fantastic, and I make sure to let them know it, often.



Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!