So I’m entirely new to the streaming/video outlet. I thought it might be a good idea to share my own Bar Exam prep experience, where I share tips and tricks along the way to learn the [insane amount of] content necessary to ace the Texas Bar Exam.

I’m hoping for a #OneAndDone experience and think it’s important to share what a portion of this process looks like. So many people think graduating law school means we can now all go out and practice. That’s entirely untrue. We graduate and then bust ass for several weeks re-learning everything we already learned in law school + all the other things we didn’t learn. Yeah. Super fun stuff, y’all.

In Texas, you cannot represent a client without first passing the Bar exam. Need more info on the test itself? Here you go! The Texas Bar is three days worth of grueling essays, multiple choice questions, short answer responses with a limited character limit, and the multistate performance test (more on that in a later video). Many of us graduate law school and then spend 8-10 weeks rigorously studying for the three day exam (which is only given twice a year). There’s a helluvalot riding on us passing, because we can’t get salaried attorney positions (or earn that full-time paycheck) unless we ace the Bar.

It’s imperative to use your study time wisely and to spend your downtime actually relaxing. It’s a difficult task, to shut off that part of your brain, but it is possible with practice. My downtime will now involve study tip videos. If there’s a topic you’re struggling with, or maybe a Bar Exam or law-school related question you need answered, shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.

Happy Studying!