Week One of Bar exam prep is in the books. I’m proud to report that [thanks in LARGE part to a certain red-headed friend of mine], I finished the week ahead of the curve. I also managed to spend a bit of time with family, enjoyed making Sunday lattes (more on that later) with the hubs, and provided some much-needed pets for my furry besties.

First Latte! Happiest Girl. Very Thankful For This Gift.

This week allowed me time to think about my desk placement and whether I should move my study space to my husband’s home office [which also doubles as his gaming space]. I know some of you are thinking “NO!” but his office has much better natural lighting, is larger than my current study locale, and since he really only uses the space in the evenings, it will give me a chance to work [mostly] distraction-free. On the days he does work from home, he can keep me accountable for study time and also offer me the chance for breaks…you know, the ones all of us law students notoriously forget to take once we get “in the zone.”

With week one down, and all the friendly advice my peers and I exchanged on plans regarding studying, I thought it might be nice to share my own favorite study spaces in Dallas. Since I fall on the Paris Gellar side of study zones and the need to have 1) accessible outlets, 2) good, clean bathrooms, 3) great coffee and water options, 4) a friendly, inviting atmosphere, and 5) decent wi-fi speed; my list is pretty specific to these needs.

With all that in mind, here are my favorite places to study in Dallas. Check a few of these spots out! Pick a spot that suits your study style. Stay motivated and keep working diligently. The Bar exam is less than 9 weeks away!

White Rock Coffee

I’m a HUGE fan of WRC. The original location on Hwy 12 has two stories, which means you can study up high and avoid the hustle and bustle of people ordering or walking in and out of the cafe. The staff is incredibly friendly and the location is not super loud. An added bonus? The brownies here are pretty much my favorite dessert in Dallas! Order one, thank me later. My go-to order is a medium iced White Rocker, half sweet.

Crooked Tree

This is an extremely minimalistic study space. This teeny house of a place has parking up front on the street. Their coffee is not my favorite, but I very much enjoy their laid back vibe. There’s a variety of seating types from counter top and tables to wing back chairs. Once I’m in the zone, it’s easy to ignore the no-frills space. Plus, because of its small size, this location is not usually packed.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Another Dallas FAVE! This spot also has a second story, which is tucked away above and behind the kitchen. You can also study on the patio, which is dog friendly! This shop is bright, open, and carries a full menu of eating and drinking options. I recommend the Cardamom Rose Latte and the Bananas Foster smoothie. The prices a re bit steep, but many of the items are worth it! Avoid the avocado toast though. 1 slice of toast for $9? NOPE!

Ok, it’s Texas Toast but still…on the expensive side.


This coffee shop is along Greenville Ave, so parking is a bit scarce. If you’re willing to park on a side street, or walk a little ways, then you’ll be just fine. The coffee and outlets are most certainly worth the trip. The ambiance of this shop is a bit on the darker side, the music isn’t too loud, and there are laptop stations! I enjoy the Mocha and the Mudslinger, as well as the breakfast sammies. YUM!

Half Price Books

You can’t really pass up Half Price books when weighing study options. All the books, a great cafe, and plenty of great lighting make a fantastic combination for a productive study experience. Take a study break, grab yourself a Vanilla Latte and go look at all the hand-crafted sculptures. Kiki over at KikiDidIt Designs makes some phenomenal art. She even crafted this gorgeous creation for our wedding (which now sits atop one of my bookshelves)!

Happy Studying!