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Productive Study Breaks

Today was beyond stressful. I spent more time than I care to admit trying to print my notecards because I’d like to flip through them and give my eyes a break from the digital screens I’ve subjected them to these…

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Crash-Course Study Methods

@Crushendo is my new favorite study tool! It’s perfect for class AND bar prep. You’ve really got to try it!

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The Ugly Truth About Bar Prep

Preparing for the Bar exam is unbelievably lonely. I’m not sure what I expected this to feel like, but whatever those preconceived notions may have been were shattered after a few weeks into seriously prepping for this exam. Admittedly, I…

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You Don’t Know Everything. Adaptibar Can Help.

This is some bullshit. But it’s a mess of my own making and I am big enough to admit that. I’ve put off intensely studying for Day 2 of the Bar exam because, well…obviously “it’s not that hard.” Welp, I…

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