I absolutely LURVE having my picture taken. I mean, seriously…I’m an all-out camera fiend! A few months back, my aunt came into town for business and a quick visit. It was oodles of fun and I was elated to have her here. We took bundles of pictures and when I looked back at my iPhone’s photos, I found this one. I was shocked, disgusted and so very disappointed with myself. 
The FAT Photo 2012

I knew I’d put on some weight since my Freshman year, but I had no idea it was this bad. I thought, well…maybe it was a bad angle. It definitely didn’t help that I was trying to look like a goober, right? Well, no. I was that large. Fat, to be frank. My wonderful boyfriend never really said that I was getting bigger, perhaps because he honestly always thought I was too skinny in high school (yes, we met in high school), so when I put on a few pounds, he was happy that I looked healthier. The other problem is that when you see someone frequently, it’s so much harder for you to realize their physical changes. 
Let me put this in perspective for you:
The Boy-fran & Me in 2007
Snowboarding in 2008
Fiesta in 2009
My 21st Birthday in 2010

Fall 2010

Fall 2010
February 2011
Spring 2011

January 2012
March 2012

I’m sure you can now appreciate the severity of this weight gain. It’s not healthy and I really want to be healthy, fit, active and happier. So I joined WW and got my butt in gear. Angel too! He’s been a great workout buddy and constantly urging me to continue pushing my own limits.

We’ve been working out about five times a week, three at a bare minimum. I’ve been running an average of 3 miles, every time I work out. I love it. I missed it dearly. Quite honestly, I love trimming down and amping up my stamina. I may not see the weight dropping away just yet, but I have noticed that I’m getting stronger. Perhaps I’m finding the strength that I felt I lost long ago. I’m not sure yet. 

What I do know is that the natural high that endorphins give me lasts all day long. It’s a wonderful thing, testing your own limits and feeling the results. I’m not too crazy about being sore (what feels like) all the time…but I know that will eventually go away. Plus, it just means that my efforts are paying off. I read somewhere that soreness and pain form working out is just fat crying. That made me giggle at its truth. Your body gets so used to being lazy that you forget how to be healthy and fit. I know some people say that they’re fluffy and happy, to them I say – “You GO!” But for me, I simply couldn’t be jumbo-sized anymore. I don’t worry about my weight, but I do worry about my comfort. I feel better at a healthier, smaller size. I’m 5’2″ and should not weigh more than 140lbs. My journey has begun, and I’m losing weight in healthy ways. Six months from now, I hope to have reached my goal weight. Right now, I’ve got my FAT photo for motivation. Do you have one?

What’s your motivation to get moving and stay healthy?