Midterms are HERE!I’ve got 3 exams in the next couple of days and would be completely lying to you if I said I wasn’t stressed. What happens when I stress, you ask? I BAKE! Ginormous amounts of cookies, brownies, blondies, cupcakes…pretty much using everything we have in the pantry and occasionally adding random “what happens when I add this” ingredients. It’s not quite full-on nerd science, but I still feel like Dr. Bunsen.

Sadly, I’ve been so consumed with studying that I haven’t even attempted to step away from this desk longer than a 10 minute coffee run and to buy some much needed hair products (seriously, frizz central over here). The boys tried to distract me earlier and all they got was my best “Quit it, I’m studying for my O.W.L.s!” exasperated look.


Best eye-roll, ever.

It’s been quite a week so far! I haven’t averaged more than 3 hours of sleep a night, naturally – I look and feel like a troll. Wicked sexy, huh?

Maybe I can get some baking in tomorrow. For now, I’ll share the nummlies we’ve had over the past few days. I’ll be sure to post recipes soon!


Parmesan Alfredo Primavera


Crockpot recipe!

Despite all this yummy food, I’ve been hitting my 1200 cal mark! 😀 Thank goodness for squeezing this jiggliness in some spandex and getting to the gym! 7 pounds down, folks!


Legen….wait for it…DARY!

Study break, over! Getting back to my books.