It’s Wednesday night (almost Thursday) and I’m just now realizing how little sleep I’ve truly gotten. These sporadic naps between study sessions and work have been a great help, but sheesh – only 6 hours of sleep from Sunday until now, with 4 hours worth of naps sprinkled in here and there…it’s no wonder my words aren’t coherent.

[Mental note – take journal everywhere and document self “unfiltered, let me give a stranger my two-cents on life issues, right here in the women’s restroom” moments. They’re gold.]

I was so tired getting home after today’s exam, that the beau made the Executive decision to take me out to eat. This lucky gal got to order some quite nummly foodles from T.G.I.Friday’s!

Take a look at this sexy dish!


Hibachi Steak Skewers with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Medley

Two exams left and this steamboat is damn near empty. Everything’s foggy…I swear, [on the ride home] one of the boys was talking about his hindrance for lack of blacksmith training – yeah, I don’t know where I pulled that from and the guys had no clue what I was saying. 

Sleep-induced aphasia?

It must be a real thing. If not, well – it is now.

Sadly, this fit chick didn’t get a workout in today, but I’ll be sure to hit the gym tomorrow.
More adventures to come, sans the beau. He’s heading to San Antonio and I’ll be left to my own devices for the weekend.

You know what that means!

RECIPES for all my readers! 😀
I’ll be working hard to get the pages updated – snazzy, sexy and drool-worthy.
Oh yes, you’ll want to drop in for that food porn. Scout’s Has-been Brownie’s honor.