Be careful of the yeah-but. the yeah-but will kill your dreams. – Jeff Goins

It’s finals week, friends.


Oh, Peanuts – you always have it right.

Which means that I am trying to keep my eye on the prize. [and not let any “yeah-buts” get in my way.]
This means that I’ve been neglecting my blog [and you, my lovelies] because I’ve been drowning crying studying like crazy – well, maybe not so much. It’s been a mad CRAM the past few days.

So much has happened since my last post!

My birthday was April 23! I am now a “certified adult” [as proclaimed by my younger brother], a legitimate 20-something, instead of a young adult.
Twenty-four years old…it feels wonderful!


[Sabrina The Teenage Witch]

What else?

We’ve moved into a new apartment! It’s wonderful, quiet and has a gorgeous balcony. I’m in love with our new kitchen. Culinary greatness will be happening in there. I’ll be sure to post pictures, soon.
We’ve got oodles of decorating to do.

It’s just been a wonderful ride. The beau got his first post-grad job! He earned himself some yummy chocoflan.


Check out SweetLittleCakes!

The boys ate these lovelies so fast that I wasn’t able to take a picture! 🙁
Anyhow…there’s lots of fun and exciting things coming up.
I’m starting a VLOG! I’ll also be posting these recipes that I keep promising. Honestly, I have them all – I simply haven’t been able to code the drop-box and menu. I’ll get to it once finals are over.
I promise!

I’ve had enough of the “yeah-but” issues. No more excuses.
The gym has seen more of me these days too. 3 miles a day.
New goal?

15 pounds down by June 1.

What “yeahh-buts” are you letting run your life?
Kick ’em to the curb and gain some perspective.
Take back control of your goals and get at it!

Much love,