This fitchick is stuck at home, feeling crummy while nursing a heinous cold. I’ve had some calabaza con pollo but still need sleep and about 19 more blankets because it’s insanely cold in this body! Brrrreathing hurts. Blech.

This crumtastic day brought a couple of things to mind.

1. No one feels sexy when they have the flu, cold, stomach virus [insert your own kinda-disgusting ailment here]


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Much like Cameron, I have a friend who wants to pull me out of bed and play hookie. Not happening, friend.

Thankfully, I don’t have to go anywhere. The beau made sure the apartment was stocked with soup, medicine and more Vapo-Rub than I’d care to admit. The crazy thing to me is that, despite the lung-hacking, cold-sheen from my fever breaking and the tissue mountains on our bed, this lovely man still wants to snuggle and shower me with kisses.
My first thought was, EWWW! Don’t. I’ll get you sick! But my second, almost first, thought was – I am so incredibly lucky to be loved by you.

2. When you’re sick, being loved makes things a million times better.


An ode to the wonderful notion that nice guys do NOT finish last.

After the tea and soup he suggested, I’m starting to feel better. I still need another 4 blankets though. I’m sure he’ll show up with one in a jiffy.

Keep being awesome, beaus. We love you for it.
Trust me.

Much love for you and that sexy little smile, Sarah