For Moi?

AHHH! So excited

[Despicable Me, Minions]
AHHH! So excited!

My great friend Melissa gifted me a Cuisinart One cup coffee maker! As a new teacher, I can’t even begin to tell you how invaluable this snazzy tool will be for me. Seriously, it’s amazing!
It’s super cute, in silver, and came with a smorgasbord of coffee and teas. EEEP!
I’ll try it out today and then take it to school tomorrow. Fan-flippin-tastic!




Mom bought me a Starbucks Espresso tumbler as a Christmas gift. If you don’t know about the wondermous tumbler, it gives me free espresso beverages  for the entire month of January. I’m loving it! Best. Prezzie. Ever! I was sad about the coffee awesomeness running out. Honestly, paying an average of $5 for my caramel macchiatos is kinda heart-breaking. As a new graduate student, I can promise that my SBUX habit will take a dive for the next few months.

Disappointed? Yup.

Disappointed? Yup.

Thankfully this new gift will get me through the slow-poke mornings. I can keep a super cute set of mugs in class and make my coffee during my conference period. It’ll be a wonderful way to start the day, don’t ya think?

Say it with me – EEEEP!

So grateful and thankful to be lurved!

Wishing you a boatload of awesome,







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