TOM may or may not be visiting.
I also, may, or may not, have eaten half a container of cream cheese frosting.

Ok – so I did.
Baby…it was AMAZING!


Did I need the 1000 calories?     No. 

Do I regret the sweet decadence of such richness on a spoon?  Absolutely not.

Might I recommend this activity to others?  You bet your ass I do! Grab a spoon, grab some frosting, and dig the hell in.

Why? Well, why the hell NOT?

Every now and then, it’s perfectly fine to splurge. For me, I find those times to run right into the mopey, refuse-to-wear-a-bra days when the curse sets in. I crave chocolate, watch sappy movies, and curl up into the teensiest ball I can manage. As today has been spectacularly crummy, I figured frosting could only improve it.

Don’t you agree?

IMG_2646Everybody needs a little SHUGAH!
I sincerely hope your day is chugging along in the most magnificent of ways.

Much love,