I’m sure most of you were looking to see some sort of action last night.
Unfortunately for us, I’ve got the flu. There were no lacey sets, mood music, or candles. Why?
Because this kinda-sorta-fit-chick must be wooed with an impressive menu! To hell with gifts. Shower me with decadent sauces and cremes! Am I right?

The beau was amazing and ordered our Valentine’s Day dinner from The Cheesecake Factory.
And honey, let me tell you – everything was PERFECT!

We ordered the crab & artichoke dip, Steak Diane, Pork Chop with apple chutney, and a side of potato soup [because this is, quite possibly, the best damn thing on the Dallas Hwy 12 location’s menu). Linda’s fudge cake made its sexy way onto our menu as well, but we saved that delectable treat for later.

As I have the flu, I was able to smell how delicious everything was, but I couldn’t taste any of it. Jerk Flu!
He set the table, and pampered me while I wore pajamas and sneezed every five minutes. Sooo classy, right?

We watched Dracula: Untold – because nothing pairs better with creamy crab-dip than ass-kicking. Then, we ended our night with massages and The Princess Bride. [We saved the chocolate cake for Sunday.] Low-key, sweet, and tons of stay-at-home fun. I didn’t have to wear heels, and I still got to kiss my man at the end of the night.

Best V-Day, to date.

How was yours?

Much love,