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February 2018

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Venting Frustrations

Attending law school as a former educator can sometimes be incredibly upsetting. For example – our professors recently started speaking about “unpacking concepts,” and I swear, I almost thought I was sitting in the back row of a professional development meeting about to die. I damn near fainted. How in theĀ hell, did Texas TEKS end up gurgling into my law classes? I thought pursuing law school might mean I would…

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Daily Dose

Love & Law School

Friendships are incredibly important to your life balance and ultimate happiness. This notion is even more crucial in school and, in my honest opinion, more-so in graduate school – where you’re testing the very limits of your own capacity to achieve and persevere. [Translation: Law school is hard, yo.] Law school is an institution that can cultivate deep, long-lasting relationships; law school will break you down. Everyone gets brain fatigue….

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Closing Deals In Heels

This past week was a combination of brutal + exhilarating. [The best times are a bit of both, wouldn’t you say?] On top of classwork, extra-curricular activities, and working in the law library, I also drove to Austin to participate in the Public Interest Law Fair. The beau and I drove straight to Austin after a full day of classes. But you know what? The Consortium of Texas Law Schools…

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