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January 2017

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Law Student Reviews: Hello Fresh

Balancing a schedule is beyond hectic in law school. I imagine it’s similar to actually practicing law. There are deadlines, meetings, prep sessions, after-hours events – the list continues… What I find particularly challenging is working out and eating well between reading and briefing cases. Since I’ve been sorely lacking in the “workout plan” department, I felt I should pick up the slack on the healthy eating. Because, I can…

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Daily Dose

Brunch is still Legal…I think

After all these Executive Orders, I’m happy to report on a happier topic. The Bestie & I tried a new (to us, anyhow) brunch spot in Dallas. Sissy’s Southern Kitchen is a kitzschy country kitchen on Knox-Henderson. We’ve visited twice and, with a bit of help from family, tried all (but one) recipes on the menu. Since brunch is basically my favorite meal, I believe I found my happiest place…

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1L: Getting Through Winter Break

“Law school attracts all kinds of crazy. Yourself included.” – One of my BestĀ Friends Honestly, she’s not wrong. Law Students are a special breed of student. We get kicked in the teeth every single day, and keep coming back. There is a level of mental anguish that we simply become comfortable operating at, existing moment by moment on the brilliant notion of adding two letters to the end of our…

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