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September 2017

Law School

Book Briefs

Let me be totally frank, I know that you feel case briefing sucks the big one. It’s time-consuming, frustrating to type or write out, and you wish you could be doing anything else. Right? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but briefing is a must. Anyone who says they don’t do it, but they still get by in class is *probably* lying. There’s just too much damn information in law texts for someone…

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CBD Provisions

I was informed that Pimento Cheese is a Texas tradition. As a life-long Texan, this was news to me. A friend of mine wanted to meet for lunch at CBD Provisions, because she loves their food. I was thrilled to be close enough to snatch some coffee from Weekend. #Sold I reserved a table for 12pm, via OpenTable and met a few friends there for lunch. Overall, I’m not as big a fan of CBD…

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Advice, Law School

Vodka & Comfort Zones

Walking into a networking event – where you plan to know less than 2 people – is terrifying. As a law student, networking events include our future employers, partners, and colleagues – which means first impressions count. While clerking for a Probate Judge last Spring, he said to me ” Sarah, don’t ever be the attorney that thinks they know everything. Be the attorney that makes it your business to know what…

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Paying Rent

  Solving problems with a creative edge happens to be my forte. Blame my flair and off-the-cuff tendencies on Destination Imagination. I am a [really] proud alum, and honestly use the skills I learned with DI every single day. Enter the problem: making money while attending college. It’s harder than it sounds, because so many positions try to pay students in “experience.” Since free advice doesn’t pay the rent, I do…

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