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April 2014


Marine Monday: Glutes!

Getting that derriere in gear is going to take some effort. This week, we are focusing on busting that butt flab and getting that base, blasted! Monday: 25 squats Tuesday: 35 squats Wednesday: 45 squats Thursday: 55 squats Friday: 65 squats Saturday: 50 squats + Run 1.5 Miles [walk/jog if you need to, but get going!] Sunday: Run 3 miles. Remember to keep track of your time. You’ll be running…

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Oorah, Boys! – A Marine Sister’s Challenge

Two of my broskis have decided to dedicate themselves to the Armed Forces. One of them is already a Marine, while the other left for bootcamp today. It’s surreal. When you’re younger, watching them fall through ceilings (family story that nearly ruined a Christmas due to contractor bills), break bones, flirt (and fail) with girls, or even learn to make Ramen and consider it “cooking” – all these moments make…

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Twenty-Something Wisdom

I searched the inter-webs for other inspirational lists, but didn’t connect with a lot out there. I guess no other nerdy teachers with a passion for science, chocolate and over sharing juicy life tidbits while getting body waxes felt the need to give me any sherpa-like guidance through my first quarter century. No limp sushi-roll issue there. Instead, I’ll share my own limitless wisdom with you. Here are the things…

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Fusion Yum at Kampong

Kampong, or kampung, is Indonesian and Malaysian for “village.” This modern spin on quaint, traditional dishes is just the ticket for your taste buds. A definite smiley-faced win for all! You’ll sit down, get tended to immediately – possibly by the owner herself! She was wonderful, sweet, and had the best recommendations from the menu. She even made me something off menu! You’ll find Kampong in a mid-sized strip mall…

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