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April 2017


On Sundays, We Meal Prep

Last month, the ABA sponsored a Mental Health Day. At UNT Dallas College of Law, the faculty and staff made a HUGE effort to focus on the importance of total-body wellness; Camp Gladiator visited and signed us up for CAMP!  I was…

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Daily Dose, Reviews

Meal Prep for the Busy Law Student

Usually, I meal prep on Sunday. However, I was quite disenchanted with the mere thought of cooking then, and the kitchen passion didn’t quite hit me Tuesday, or today either, hence – I continued to procrastinate. [law school daze, right]…

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Law School

Law School Depression: Grades & Guidance

THIS read made me realize how lucky I am. This semester has been grueling (more-so than last semester) for many reasons – but not one of those reasons stems from feeling alone. In fact, for my wonderful classmates who read this blog (and…

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Advice, Law School

How to Prep Your Oral Argument

You’ve been chugging along, gobbling up every nugget of wisdom the professors have to offer. Everything is ok. You’re fine. Law school is finally feeling right and then – POW! Your first oral argument comes bounding around the corner and you have…

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