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Rolling Craps + Bright Lights

  This post is several weeks late. I wanted to update y’all, really – but I had this crazy notion that 2L year was going to be smooth sailing. Don’t ask me where the delusion came from, because I have no answers for you. Here’s what you need to know – law school is still incredible, and I love learning new concepts; but then, sometimes, law school will kick you…

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Law School

Book Briefs

Let me be totally frank, I know that you feel case briefing sucks the big one. It’s time-consuming, frustrating to type or write out, and you wish you could be doing anything else. Right? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but briefing is a must. Anyone who says they don’t do it, but they still get by in class is *probably* lying. There’s just too much damn information in law texts for someone…

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CBD Provisions

I was informed that Pimento Cheese is a Texas tradition. As a life-long Texan, this was news to me. A friend of mine wanted to meet for lunch at CBD Provisions, because she loves their food. I was thrilled to be close enough to snatch some coffee from Weekend. #Sold I reserved a table for 12pm, via OpenTable and met a few friends there for lunch. Overall, I’m not as big a fan of CBD…

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Vodka & Comfort Zones

Walking into a networking event – where you plan to know less than 2 people – is terrifying. As a law student, networking events include our future employers, partners, and colleagues – which means first impressions count. While clerking for a Probate Judge last Spring, he said to me ” Sarah, don’t ever be the attorney that thinks they know everything. Be the attorney that makes it your business to know what…

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Paying Rent

  Solving problems with a creative edge happens to be my forte. Blame my flair and off-the-cuff tendencies on Destination Imagination. I am a [really] proud alum, and honestly use the skills I learned with DI every single day. Enter the problem: making money while attending college. It’s harder than it sounds, because so many positions try to pay students in “experience.” Since free advice doesn’t pay the rent, I do…

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Daily Dose

Meal-Prep Monday

Today was such a great day! Hellaciously long – but great! I made my day much easier by packing my breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner (that’s right – freaking dinner) before leaving for class this morning. Mondays are my long days. 14 hours on campus. 9am-11pm. Brutal. The key to making it through such a time-intensive day, is to plan for meals. I’m basically a rogue honeybadger, and completely fit for a Snickers hangry commercial, when…

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Winery Adventures

Last week, I met my sorority sisters for lunch at Landon Winery, in Greenville, TX. This particular location is in the heart of Downtown Greenville, and is nothing short of idyllic. This quaint little pop-stand caught me by surprise. I hoped for their wine selection to be phenomenal, but my palate only fell for the Rose. I brought two bottles home for myself, to sip while frantically finishing my ConLaw readings….

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Free Swag

You’re a broke student.


Law school (higher education, in general) racks up some incredible bills. I want to make a lucky student’s semester a bit easier, by providing a great backpack! If you win, then this item is one less thing to worry about buying!

Check It Out!

I purchased myself this Kuakko backpack style, in Navy. I luuuurve it. It’s professional enough for class, and last-minute networking events. Surprisingly, it holds quite an impressive number of law school accoutrements (not too unlike a *magical* bag of holding…)

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, and follow the instructions!


ENTER For Your Chance to Win!



Happy Dance!

Good luck, amigos!

Law School

First Day Jitters

Orientation week (or, Fundamentals Week on our campus) is nearly over. If you were lucky, orientation lasted one day. However, many law schools cram 6 days of information into 2 days of real-time. Our campus demands a whopping 40 hours! It’s grueling, especially coming off of a relaxed summer. If you’re feeling utterly spent, don’t fret – you’re NOT alone! The first day of class is just a few days away. I’m sure you…

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Advice from 2Ls

  I want to tell you all the secrets. Law school will create moments in your daily life where your soul is crushed. Everything may suck, and you’ll remember this advice (which you skimmed, but really should have read in great detail. Here’s the advice that counts, matters, and may quite possibly save you a load of heartache.   No one likes a know it all. Especially when you’re the type to rub…

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