On Sundays, We Meal Prep

Last month, the ABA sponsored a Mental Health Day. At UNT Dallas College of Law, the faculty and staff made a HUGE effort to focus on the importance of total-body wellness; Camp Gladiator visited and signed us up for CAMP!  I was super honest up front and told the trainer that unless the Beau could come, there was just no way this derriere would find its way to an outdoor gym.   …

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Meal Prep for the Busy Law Student

Usually, I meal prep on Sunday. However, I was quite disenchanted with the mere thought of cooking then, and the kitchen passion didn’t quite hit me Tuesday, or today either, hence – I continued to procrastinate. [law school daze, right] Put if off until tomorrow…I was happy with this decision. Until I opened the fridge in the morning to pack my lunch and realized – I didn’t have lunch! Well, damn. Joke’s…

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Law School

Law School Depression: Grades & Guidance

THIS read made me realize how lucky I am. This semester has been grueling (more-so than last semester) for many reasons – but not one of those reasons stems from feeling alone. In fact, for my wonderful classmates who read this blog (and for those peers far and wide going through the same law school struggle) please know there are resources available for you. Talk to student services at your school. Reach out…

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How to Prep Your Oral Argument

You’ve been chugging along, gobbling up every nugget of wisdom the professors have to offer. Everything is ok. You’re fine. Law school is finally feeling right and then – POW! Your first oral argument comes bounding around the corner and you have no freaking clue what to do. This is the point where you realize one of two things: 1) Well damn. I don’t like to speak to crowds and this is…

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Best Damn Cheesesteaks

      I rarely get to post recipes anymore. This cheesesteak post was a long time coming, too. I made these for the Beau and his besties for boys night a while back. They gave rave reviews and demanded I make them again soon. These Philly cheesesteaks are so easy to MAKE! They’ll taste like they took forever, but you’ll have them on the table in under 45 minutes.  Truly,…

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Such a Pretty Fat: 1L Version

I’m channeling Jen Lancaster here. Because I’m such a fan…and I think she gets me. Fo’ real. Weighing in at 174ish and trying to be healthier is tough. The things I like to eat are actually pretty healthy, like broccoli and pasta and chicken…but then I add butter and make a white wine sauce and the entire meal is delicious now like 1000 calories per serving. Which, I’m told, is not entirely good…

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Starbucks Saturday!

Coffee plays quite a [venti] role in my life. My morning routine includes at least one cup every morning…depending on which class I have first, if I’m being real honest. I grew up in a household kick-started by a little cafecito, which means even a whiff of good java makes my day happier. This morning was a particularly great start. I crossed off several action items and snuck some good study time in before…

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Law School

March Checklist: What You Should be Doing to be Successful

You have less than 2 months of classes left. I only have 6 weeks of class left. Did you hear me? Less than 2 months. That’s it. This is Defcon 2, y’all. [Fast Pace] You are either thrilled, or practically in a full-blown panic. Halfway through the semester, running low on brain space, trying to keep studying…but you’re also losing steam. Right? No need to hide it. I am exhausted. Let’s be…

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Lawyering: A Starter Kit for Networking 1Ls

As a 1L, the question you get asked the most (besides, did you read for class?) is “What do you plan to practice?” I’m almost through my first year and I honestly have no idea which field I will choose. What I can tell you is how I started putting feelers out. It was both purposeful and accidental, all at once – and happened because I shook a few hands! Really! I…

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1L: Getting Through Winter Break

“Law school attracts all kinds of crazy. Yourself included.” – One of my Best Friends Honestly, she’s not wrong. Law Students are a special breed of student. We get kicked in the teeth every single day, and keep coming back. There is a level of mental anguish that we simply become comfortable operating at, existing moment by moment on the brilliant notion of adding two letters to the end of our…

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